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Welcome To Hipnosis "101"

Hi,my name is Dezmond,and throughout growing up i was fascinated by people hipnotizeing other people.So as time went by,I started looking around for ways on how to hipnotize people,and to compile a manner in wich other people can learn the trick of the trade.

The "Load Down"

Throughout histoy,thousands if not millions of people have benifited from its power to help them make positive changes in their lives.

Some notable users of hypnosis have included Albert Einstein,Jackie Kennedy-Onassis, Henry Ford, Kevin Costner, and even Mozart.

hypnosis can help you to better understand yourself.It can help you to change bad habits such as smoking,eating unhealthy foods, or biting your fingernails, into good ones like saying thank you,getting exercise,and keeping clean.

It can help you turn your negative or sad feelings into positive or happy ones.It can help you effortlessly focus on almost anything in your life that you would like to change.You would benefit from these books by using them Yourself!!

Welcome To My Home Page

These Hipnosis books Will make U the Life of the party,People will suddenly be intressted in you at work,wanting to know how you accomplish Hipnotising those around you,people will start asking you over to there house to show there friends your unbelievable capability.Friends and neighbours will offer you money,to use your new tallent,the list go's on....

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Any questions could be e-mailed to Dezmond@ananzi.co.za

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